The One & Only Annie Swanson

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This Classic video is one of Annie Swanson's earliest. She'd never modeled before but she took to it immediately with a natual flair and style. Annie was working in a club as a waitress, not a dancer. They tried to get her on stage all the time. "All the time, and they only succeeded once. It was a slow Sunday, and I was a little tipsy and my manager told me, 'Get up on stage. Get in the shower.' So I got in the shower, and I had shaving cream on my nipples and...I don't even remember half of it. But I was naked, I know that." Annie applied to SCORE Group after finding her BF's V-Mags in the bathroom. How did Annie react when she first saw her debut Voluptuous magazine (September 2002). "It came in the mail, and I opened it and I was shocked. I was like,'Wow!' You're real critical at first of yourself, but then you're like, 'It looks very nice.' I love looking at it. I open it up and I look at it all the time." Annie took to video as naturally as she did to still photos. In fact, she found video easier since she could move naturally and didn't need to hold a position. "It's great to think that millions of men are out there looking at me, jacking off and..."
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